Sunday, 8 July 2012

Mees Wins in Hagerstown

Jared Mees. Winner. He gapped the field by over 4 seconds. Massive lead. Nice orange nipples.
Jake Johnson was on it, again. Won the Dash for Cash and came second in the Main.
 Young gun, Jeffrey Carver Jr, third in the Main.
Quite a while since a Suzuki made a half-mile main. Aaron King did it though, on the Weirbach Racing bike. We're going to try find out more about this bike.
After the shenanigans of Lima Sammy Halbert came fifth this weekend.
 Briar Bauman, a great 13th on the Rod Lake Kawasaki 650. Briar is interviewed in Sideburn 10.

Kenny Coolbeth clipped a track marker at Lima, a marker put out to keep riders off the wet, that had been thrown up by another rider. It broke his leg. Brad Baker took over his factory Harley and did a good job finishing 7th.
 Dash for Cash L-R: Carver; Doug Lawrence; Lewis; Halbert; Johnson; Mees
 KTM! Steve Murray made the Main, came in last, but nonetheless, great effort.
 JD Beach goes psychedelic.
 Johnny Lewis, another great result with fourth in the main. He was the first of seven Kawasakis in the final. The top three were XR750 though.
 Mees (above and below)
Photos: Courtesy of AMA Pro Racing


Stuman714 in Indy said...

Hey Gary, Richard and Ted Weirbach are very approachable and super nice guys. They've had the Suzuki SV-based twin since at least the end of the '10 season and as of the Indy Dealer Expo in February were also in the process of building an XR750, which may be brought into use for their Pro Singles rider, Ryan Wells, before the end of the season.
Let me know if you can't get anything from them straight from their website ( and I'll hook you up with Richard's e-mail addy.
Also, if you check my website, look for the tag on the left column for Aaron King, I ran a pic of him on their SV last year.
Let me know if I can help, I had a blast at Lima last week but sure wish I could have been at Hagerstown last night!
Take care-Mike 'Stu' Stuhler/Indy

WhitelinePsycho said...

Big love to you Sideburners for turning me onto contemporary flat tracking . . . lo and behold, there is life after the seventies.