Wednesday, 31 December 2008

From Argentina

Hi people, this is the preview of my latest bike that i´ve been building during this week, it´s a 1976 Suzuki 425cc and only has 3800km in her speedo!!!!! I hope that I like you ,it´s a very "East" inspired and "BLINGS" like Bill Dodge's beautys. Well, I hope that I was able to send U the progress in a few weeks,and also I send the pictures of the CB 125cc that I built 4 months ago,It´s been showed at knucklebuster inc,wrench monkees,church of choppers and biltwell,so I think that it's deserved some atention.
Well,thanks for your time.
German Karp.

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sergei said...

german. como va ese proyecto? sergio de bs as