Saturday, 13 December 2008

Conrad Leach

Back last century, before the dawn of eBay, Conrad Leach spotted an ex-Ascot TT Trackmaster for sale in Walneck's newsprint rag. A few months later, a rather sorry looking has-been turned up in a crate. Ned at The Bike Barn (now Newton and Smyl Motorcycles, South London) did a number on the engine, and with a small Bates light, managed to get the bike road registered. The open pipes were anti-social to say the least, and avoiding the police became a sport in its own right. Not wishing to cull the no holds barred beast, with silencers, mirrors, a petrol tank that would get you further than the post office and back, top-box etc Conrad sold it for a pretty penny. Returning to his first love TR6 for a more usable cross-town hack.
Fast forward to this century, Conrad has become a successful painter; selling from Oslo to Tokyo. Last year he pitched up at Peterborough and helped out GI in the pits. He's threatening to give the CCM flat track school a twirl. And maybe even trawl Walneck's on-line. Come on Connie Corlioni show us your metal.

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