Thursday, 25 December 2008

Beautiful Work in Progress

Finally got some nice weather to take some pictures of my bike. the frame is an early 90's c&j? XR750 frame that I bought on eBay. I cut it up to switch the chain drive from the right to left side. the front end is a WP off a Buell Lightning, the rims are 19" Suns laced to an A&A spool hob in the front and a Harley-Davidson hub in the rear. The gas tank is a Race Tec and seat and rear fender are from Grand Prix Glass. Rear shock is a Penske. The motor is a 76 Bonneville 750 stock for now,
Carbs are Mikuni TM flatslides, 34mm. Rear brake is a Brembo from A&A with a Grimeca master cylinder. I still have to build the 2 into 1 exhaust and get some sort of lighting on it.
I'm building the bike in a 12' by 12' shed that is packed with metal working equipment. i hope the pictures get to you, if they dont, please let me know. I got my shirt in the mail the other day and I can't wait to get issue number 3.
Brian B, New Jersey, USA


wol said...

thats the best thing i have seen on this christmas day -- love it -- more pics when its finished please

Anonymous said...

wonderful wonderful work man!

carlito from rome

Thomas said...

i like the style of this bike! back to basic. reminds me to get some 19" rims as well.. cheers Tho