Saturday, 6 December 2008

its not What you ride, but How you ride it (no.7) Christmas edition

You know how it goes trawling the internet. You might as well be tanked up on mushrooms, spun around a few times and told to walk home; you end up in the weirdest of places, discover the weirdest of facts about the universe, and the people who ride motorbikes. Hence a Swedish website I cant understand a word of, but with some photos of a nutter drifting his Daytona Guzzi through the snow - which I don't understand either. That bastard weighs more than 200kg


By Hand and By Brain said...

GI-Awsome ever seen that dude in artica with the Velo? madness. by the way- the b-dazzaled Christmas tag is special!

you figure out Mooneyes yet? want me to be your merch man on the ground?HA?

Anonymous said...

That's just plain wrong. A motocross front mudguard on a Guzzi? In deep snow? Why oh why? oh... wait... why not? Oh, yes... I get it now. We be Sideburning People. We be doing this kind of stuff for the love of the wild. Merry Xmas, y'all.