Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Marcus Moto Design Project



Before. Ug.

Hi Gary,
Here is my new project, based on a silly lowrider attempt on a Sportster 883. It will a build inspired out of two sideblog bikes actually, that Japanese street tracker at the New Order Chopper show and that French dude´s blue Sportster tracker.
I got new cool pipes of a motorcycle dragracing legend (European record holder, build his complete own engines etc, Charley Karling). The tank is off to paint, Flakes of course! ;-).
Then I will get a 18 or a 19 inch rim to replace the original 16inch rear rim (Thanks for tracker clarification, Gary! :-). I will also do my own mid-controls from scratch, first design in 3D CAD and the milled out in aluminium. I send you some pics now and then the finished bike in springtime. I also do a evil Ducati 996 build. Waiting for Sideburn #3,
Keep up the good work!
Cheers, Marcus (


Sideburn Magazine said...

I'm hoping you can make this Sporty (& the Duke) as evil as your Husky GT, I Love that bike!

Dan said...

Great to see something in the works, I was on the site just a few days ago hoping to see some new work.
Looking forward to it.