Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Johnny's Alpha's shindig soundtracks

Received this from Johnny Alpha, Sideburn's favourite DJ. It got buried, that's why he mentions a Halloween one.
If you're looking for a soundtrack to a shindig look no further. You might not have heard of any of the artists, but these are beauties. And free to download.

"Great to see you Valencia man, had a ball over there. Just wanted to say cheers for the kind words on your blog and here's a couple more of my mixes you can download.
Made this one a while ago but forgot to post it up Rotoshow X"

Istanbul – The Night People (Seafair 45)
Cousins – Relax (Palette 45)
Curios – Chicken back pt 2 (Curio 45)
Jesters – Cadillac Man (Sun 45)
Ronnie Haydock & the Boppers – 99 Chicks (Rock & Country 45)
Righteous Brothers – Justine (Sue 45)
Scotty McKay – Midnight Cryin’ Time (Swan 45)
DC 5 – On the move (Epic 45)
Mad Mike & the Maniacs – The Hunch (Hunch 45)
Rumblers – Bugged (Dolton 45)
Dav Kipp – Yeah my baby love me (Coral 45)
Brice Colfield – Cha –Cha Twist (Madison 45)
Freddy King & Lula Reed – You can’t hide (Federal 45)
Rita Pavone – I’l Gedgehee (Rca 45)
Billy Davis – Whatcha gonna do (Columbia 45)
Los Sirex – Soy Napoleon (Belter EP)
Tidal waves – Action (HBR 45)
Oliver’s – Beeker street (RCA 45)
Tropics – As times gone (Columbia 45)
Del-Vets – Last time around (Dunwitch 45)

Couple of days late with this but who says you can only listen to spooky records on Halloween Graveyard Greats Volume IV
Chilly Billy - Cilly Billy’s Vamp
Lee Kristofferson - Night of The Werewolf
Why Four - Sleepy Hollow
Exercutioners - The Noose
Simon Stokes - Voodoo Woman
Ko-Ko Taylor - Insane Asylum
Ray Stevens - Laughing Over My Grave
Murray Sheaf - Tombstone No.9
Cadillac’s - Boogie Man
Poets - Dead
Dick Dixon - The Crawl
Swanks - Ghost Train
Mack Allen Smith - Skeleton Fight
Johnny Fuller - Haunted House
John Zacherle -
Dinner With Drac
Tomko’s - The Spook
Frankie Stien - Who’s Afraid Of Weirdo Wolf
Wolfman - Strange
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins - Frenzy
Big Guys - Zombie
Cramps - Fever

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