Monday, 22 December 2008

Started life as a Honda FT500...

Hi guys, thought I'd drop ya a couple o pics of my street-tracker as it's now at least on the road and legal (well tax and mot anyway)
Started life as a Honda FT500 Ascot (sic). Eventually it'll recieve a better tank (the XL250 one fitted is about the right size but fugly shape at the front) when thats done it'll get a proper seat pad made and a decent paintjob.
Also on the lookout for a FCR or similar so I can ditch the CV carb - and hence the airbox. Then I can fit the Numberboard/sidepanel to the lhs too.
It's gonna make a fun winter hack and city terrorist for the meantime, and here in Norfolk there are at least still some gravel/dirt car parks and picnic areas to practice sliding round :-)
I'll bring it up to the first Lynn shorttrack round nxt year too - though only as a spectator, was seeing GI at mildenhall couple of years ago that was the inspiration for it after all.
Tel, Norfolk, England