Sunday, 28 December 2008

Live from the Timonium Cow Palace

Carpet shoe

Dress for the ride, not the crash

Oxford shirt, chinos, silk tie, tidy moustache. Sir, you are a gentleman and a example to us all.

High, wide and handsome

From ace shooter, Tim White

'Hosted by the Baltimore County Trail Riders Association (, the Timonium indoor short track races are a must-do every December. With AMA sanction the group puts on 13 races in an evening on the cement floor of the Maryland State Fairground cow palace, with classes for everyone from kids on 50cc shafties to "adults" on 100cc thumpers and the crazed on 450cc MX bikes. Bring warm clothes, ear plugs, and maybe a respirator.'


Anonymous said...

...yup, i am out to buy me a tie's all about style when your fast as i am.happy new year

Oliver said...

"mike bell" of mike bell racing on the xr100 in the tie.

pushrodmofo said...

Oops. Should be - the .org is a therapist group.

Elton A.R. Alwine said...

This is so cool, finding an older blog post of Baltimore-style flat track racing...on Sideburn! Love it!