Monday, 22 December 2008

It's not what you ride, but how you ride it (no.8)

From Sam Major, cheers Sam.

"Brudeli Tech proudly presents our new Leanster, the Brudeli 654L, a unique new vehicle providing an extraordinary riding experience. The exclusive production model Brudeli 654L is available in very limited numbers.
“Making 100 metre controlled powerslides at the local dirt track oval (speedway) is a quite unbeatable feeling. Especially when this is a street-legal vehicle that you actually came cruising with to the track.” says Geir Brudeli, the inventor of the Leanster and manager of Brudeli Tech. “Then just a few minutes later you could be at a go-kart track without any change of setup, leaning 45 degrees into corners with a control superior to that of a normal motorcycle. The Leanster suspension is 100% mechanical and leaves the rider in control. It is built with the goal of boosting the motorcycle experience.”
Brudeli 654L is based on a KTM 690 Supermoto. The leanster will be street legal in Europe (TÜV approved).
The price will be about 21000 Euros (30000 USD) (ex. VAT and ex. Works Hokksund)

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wol said...

will they also be making a specially wide helmet for what looks like a massive grin factor