Monday, 15 December 2008

Relics: Bob at Du Quoin

From Craig
Bobby Russell was/is a pretty fast guy, never had a lot of money when he was young, but he could ride a motorcycle. After the flattrack years he got into desert racing and was a stud, he befriended 4 time AMA National Hare & Hound champ Destry Abbott when Destry was just coming up and taught him a couple of things about going fast.
He got hurt pretty bad a few years back (broke his back and was paralyzed for a while) and swore he would never ride again. He had just bought some new riding gear before he got hurt and he told his wife to get rid of it as he wouldn't be needing it, she replied "don't you want to keep it in case you want to go out and putt around?". He responded very bluntly "I don't putt". I knew at that moment he would ride again :-)

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