Sunday, 28 December 2008

Holy Mother of God, Seth!

Norm at Motorcycho pointed us to these at I interviewed Seth Enslow a few years ago. He was great, happy to stand around in Sheffield with his shirt off for the photographer and let us prod his widow's peak-style scar where they bolted his skull back together. For him to attempt a record jump on that lump is just superb. It makes an XR750 looks like a CR250. Look at the shocks! Are they off Big Foot? I cannot wait to see the follow up on this. Where can we donate some money to Seth's hospital fund? GI


Tony said...

That's so cool!

originalracingsnake said...

Found this quote:

"it is currently fitted with specialised forks and rear shockers, units built in western NSW by Ian Linklater of Boundless Suspensions Australia, who have developed a new shock absorber technology that they claim, “will revolutionise the way we look at suspension."