Tuesday, 23 December 2008

King Khan going cheap

This just might be the last time I ever mention King Khan on this blog, but I got this email. We've never used this site and can't vouch for it. Looks like it costs $4.49 to download.

I'm with the independent music store AmieStreet.com. We are reaching out to a handful of music blogs to see if they are interested in our holiday promotion, where we offer our favorite albums from 2008 at a huge discount. I thought you might be interested to know about this..
Follow the link below and you'll get 50% off any purchase from Amie Street; this link sends you to our Best Albums of 2008, but the discount applies to any purchase on Amie Street:
Amie Street
If you think your readers would like to use this link too, please feel free to share it with them. There's a ton of good music to choose from. Andplease drop me an email if you have any questions. Hope you enjoy! Zane


tiptopdadddy said...

How would I go about reaching out to that zaftig blonde?

Sideburn Magazine said...

zaftig - Deliciously plump, or carrying your extra weight very well. GI

Diedre Greenshields said...

I suggest dressed as a strawberry jelly, with whipped cream cascading down your creases.