Monday, 25 April 2011


Blue sky, Good Friday, tapes up.
Big crowd, crap photo.
Victory lap. One of these riders has the fantastic monicker, Dakota North.
Nicki Pedersen's sponsored Hauler.

10:27, Good Friday morning, I thought I'd check to see if the local speedway team, Peterborough Panthers had a match on. What? At 11am, 24 miles away. Ok, let's go. My boy got dressed, Mrs I made us a pack-up and me and junior were gone within 8 minutes. Luckily there was such a big crowd the start was delayed and we only missed the first heat. Probably 3000 or more there, but we found room in the packed stand.
The team seems to change completely every year, so I only recognised the name of the captain, Nicki Pedersen. I did recognise the name of Coventry Bees skipper, Eddie Kennett. Hey, he races short track with us! Kennett's Coventry were wiping the floor with Peebo, scoring two 5-1s. Then Peterborough got a 5-1 back just before the interval. In the end it came down to the 15th heat. The Panthers hadn't been ahead in the whole match, but won the last heat and the match 46-44. And it was all over by 1.30. Bloody great. G


BlackCountryBiker said...

Dakota North's dad, Rod North used to race in the UK back in the 80s with Newcastle, Apparently he loves old turbo prop planes too, hence the choice of moniker for his son. I wonder if he's got any brothers or sisters?... Wellington, Heinkel or even Fokker North!!!

#39 said...

Thats a good explanation, I was think his sister might be Carolina...

Anonymous said...

nice to see a full stand, should be plenty of action on and off track wi pedersen ridin for em this yr!.