Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bonneville Salt Flats UPDATE

Maxwell of Corpses From Hell went to support the Impossible Team at Bonneville Speed Week. He painted a wild car right there on the salt, below, and sent the photos of this 125cc class record breaker wearing an old Sideburn Dave shirt. Who are you, Mr Recordbreaker? Neat bike, by the way. Send us details if you see this. Thanks.

UPDATE - This from Dan Yoder of Killin-It, Thanks DY

Saw your post on Facebook wondering who Mr Recordbreaker was on the old HD 125. He's a good friend from Madison, WI area and a wee lad to be breaking records on the salt! I thought I would share a link to his blog in case you wanted to peruse it over a bit of tea... Primordial Cycles
That is what you Euro people do right:) 
 Anyways I hope all is well and keep up the good work my friend! Oh yeah Patrick Zeigle is the young chap's name - Dan 

Photos: Kristina Fender


Nick said...

Got to get there one year, have always loved the look of the bikes and cars

Nick said...

AH' the reach of the blog, fantastic

WhitelinePsycho said...

The Killin-it crew kill it, good link Mr Yoder.