Monday, 20 August 2012

DJ La Isla Del Tesoro

Sideburn was founded on zero market research, but GI does at least now ask new buyers how they got wind of us. No matter how wildly we blog / facebook / pinterest / shout from our soapbox on Hyde Park corner, to spread the word according to Sideburn, there are pleasantly still old fashioned results to be had from someone just wearing a T-shirt. BP

"You happen to see the DJ rocking a [Chris Watson] Sideburn T at about 3:30 in this random and awesome film about an El Solitario MC party in Madrid?
"It's amazing how adept this culture is at mythologizing itself.
I love it. Not just cool, but authentic too... a fair amount of it, anyway. You guys have struck a great chord on that note.
Cheers, Scott"


mp said...

Yea cool thats a video by Kristina Fender of the Mula Fest in madrid recently. nice one I went innit

La Isla del Tesoro said...
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La Isla del Tesoro said...

Fantástico...Thanks guys!!!