Saturday, 18 August 2012

Kansas Half-Mile

Garrett B got in touch from the US. He has a special place in Sideburn world as his Aermacchi was the first ever blog post. Now he's bought an ex-Davey Durelle Honda CRF450 to race. He travelled from Colorado to Kansas with his boy to race. These are his photos and captions
Only one racing pic so far, me (#302) passing for 3rd at Colby.
Garrett and his lad, Joe, #17. Check out the front mudguard.
Chris was testing new tires.
Chris Carr rode both of these over the weekend. Nothing beats the sound and feeling of the twins barreling into turn 3!
Met a countryman of yours in Kansas! Alan Birtwhistle. He was FAST!!! This is Alan Birtwhistle’s Kansas ride. Alan was for sure very quiet! He made quite a splash over here though. Won the 250-450 AM class pretty easily. He even got some personal attention from Chris Carr during practice, and ran a 450 Pro race.

NOTE: Alan should be racing at Scunthorpe tomorrow.
Dennis Hoffman’s Astro 250. He could run with the 400s on the ½ mile. Impressive.
Tons of beautiful Triumphs!
Lined-up for rider intros Monday night. That’s me in the SB Dick Mann T, Birtwhistle to my right, my son Joe to the left.
That 44x Honda 250 was super-trick. #90 is Jim Henry. This was his 50th year racing in Stockton. He loaned me a set of leathers!
Here's a video where I get a lucky last corner pass on Travis Newbold (Pikes Peak Winner!!!! So cool) for 2nd in the final Vet 30+ race. [That is NOT lucky. You kept focussed and he made a mistake. Great pass. Big post coming on Travis soon]
Travis is fast becoming one of my racing heroes. That guy races whenever, however, and wherever he can! I'm unbelievably impressed with how he won Pikes Peak (with time to spare no less). I'm back at the old short track Saturday night. I got a nasty cold in Kansas, so I'm hoping to feel a bit better by then. Great weekend. I came home with a few trophies.


kk#38 said...

~i was there and you racers...
put on a hella show..thanks~
for sharing.. good stuff man

747 said...

mighty fine pleasure racing with ya Garrett. You are getting FAST!

Garrett302 said...

haha thanks Travis! It helps following you around!