Friday, 10 August 2012


Sideburn 11's cover star is Argentine-born, Italian-passport holder, Nicolas Covatti. Raffaele Paolucci took the photo and wrote the story and he updated us with the great news that Covatti has his first Speedway GP wild card entry at this Saturday's Italian GP at Terenzano. Raffaele says...

Now he has a chance. It's a hard race, you know that he runs against the best riders of the world. From many years, they do more than one hundred starts every season. But he is a good boy, very serious, a fair fighter, very spectacular, exemplary inside and outside the track. It will be a great experience, a must if you hope to become a professional rider.
Also, Covatti is rumoured to be joining British Elite league team, the Birmingham Brummies. G

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Hot Shoe said...

There's a fair bit of excitement in the Speedway world at the prospect of Covatti riding in Britain this month. His round the boards style will prove a big hit with the fans if he can back it up with points. It's a tough ask to come into the Elite League but it won't be dull that's for sure!!!!!