Thursday, 16 August 2012

Wiles wins again

Henry Wiles won the Peoria TT matching Chris Carr's eight consecutive wins at the Illinois TT track. He must turn up feeling invincible.
 Jake Johnson, came second in the Main.
 Pro Singles rider Dan Bromley racing in cool Metro Racing kit.
 Jared Mees.
Sammy Halbert won the Dash for Cash, but his exhaust header snapped in the Main and he held on for fifth.
Jeffrey Carver Jr in the lead.
The Dash for Cash. JD Beach (95); Sammy (7); Jake (1); Mees (9); Wiles (17); Baumann (10Z). Result of the Dash was Halbert, Johnson, Wiles.
 Above and below, Pro Singles winner, Dominic Colindres.
What Peoria is famous for.
Wiles, Johnson, Mees. What were we saying about Mees and Johnson. They're on it at every round.
Next, the Indy Mile this Saturday. G
Photos: AMA Pro Racing

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