Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sammy is King at Castle Rock

Another solid finish from the first (full) year Expert, Briar Baumann - 10th in the Main. He was on one of the two Kawasakis to make the main. There were three Yamahas (including the winners) and the remaining 11 Expert finalists rode Honda CRF450s.
 Joe Kopp made a comeback, came 7th in the main.
Sammy and Brad Baker (who came 9th in the Main). One's running a low-pipe, the other high.
The front view of that battle. I really like Baker's Troy Lee kit (and the fact he's not running a mudguard).
JD Beach, a great fifth in the main.
Sammy's TT set-up, Pyjamas and petal discs.
Pro Singles winner, Jacob Lehmann.
Sammy led from beginning to end. This is the Halberts home race, they're from Graham, Washington. Sammy won the Dash for Cash, Jethro (#69) was second, and Sammy led the most laps. Clean sweep. He won here last year too.
Sammy wins, Jake Johnson second and Jared Mees third. These three are a class above this season. Jake even remembered to smile. He doesn't normally when he isn't in the middle. 
But what are the trophy girls looking and smiling at? Has Sammy dropped his pants? G


Hairy Larry said...

Not Sammy! He might tangle you up with haybale straw, according to Mees, hahaha.

jek said...

My brother and I just completed a near 1000km round trip to see this race at Castle Rock. Good racing, especially the heat races and the Dash for Cash, won by Sammy Halbert. There was a good sized crowd there, and it's always nice to see all the spectator bikes parked outside the track. Mostly Harleys; mine was the only Guzzi. Mert Lawwill made a special appearance, talking about his prosthetic device cause. A great evening!