Monday, 13 August 2012

Road Legal XR

There are a thousand hoops to jump through to get an ancient road bike legal in Deutschland. Bravo, Martin!

All OEM parts there, can be brought back to normal. ...had to "ugly-dize" my XR 750 for TÜV-approval.
Bike is all original, just added a kicker, brakes, lights + turn signals (underseat total-loss LiPo battery) and a speedo.  But now my "Tracker" is legalized. Yeah! 
Speedo is a hard to see Motogadget...
Number plate sits rhd high, not to spoil tail section. 
How did I fit the kicker? Easy, I just measured an early Sportster and drew a hole.
This is it with all the TUV parts removed. 
Martin H, Germany


WhitelinePsycho said...

Sehr ausgezeichnet, total bike envy !!!

Harley said...

There's a way around every problem, although I think Martin's definition of "easy" might be slightly different to mine!

martin.huening said...

In fact it was not "easy". It took quite a while to do measurements. Moreover it took a very long time to collect courage for not just thinking but REALLY drilling a hole. This was a single-shot only operation.