Sunday, 19 August 2012

Indy Mile photos

Coolbeth (#2), back on the big bike after breaking his leg earlier in the season. This is practice, in the main he came 5th. 59 is Mile specialist Willie McCoy, he made the main but came in 13th.
Halbert and Coolbeth.
I remember these leathers from a long time ago. Dan Ingram, Steve Bonsey, Jeffrey Carver Jr, Brad Baker.
Bryan Smith led till a restart of the main, then came in 14th.
Matt Weidman, 8th in the main.
Pro singles racers on it. Zakk Palmer (81c) came third in his final.
Dash from Cash for the six fastest qualifiers- Jake Johnson, Bryan Smith, Steve Bonsey, Sammy Halbert, JD Beach, Shawn Baer. It finished Smith, Johnson, Beach.
Briar Baumann on a Kawasaki and... was Bonsey. Out of the 18 bikes in the main, only nine were XR750s. Seven Kawasakis, Henry Wiles' Ducati and Mikey Martin's Bonneville Performance Triumph (featured in SB11).
Reigning champ Johnson had an uncharacteristic crash causing a restart in the final.
How close? Brandon Robinson on the Werner Springsteen Kawasaki led onto the final lap, but Sammy mugged him. Brandon had an horrific crash at Indy a couple of years ago and he so nearly won this one, see below. We interviewed Brandon for issue 1 when he was still an amateur.
Sammy's third national win of the year, but looks who is to his side, Jared Mees bags more big points.
Photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing

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