Tuesday, 21 August 2012

New Racefit website

Racefit have a new website up and running. It's iPad-friendly too.
I visited them again and picked up the titanium Legend they made for the Black Arrow and a titanium paddock stand too. Very happy. G
 A detail of my exhaust.
 A bike with taste - Racefit Legend and RCD rearsets.
 Racefit titanium paddock stands.
 Spondon GSX-R in for new system.
 Jon Racefit's new hauler.
Jon (in an old SB T-shirt) and his wife Tam.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Only ever seen their stuff in print or on the net, but wow, if they made a system for a sporty, an SS125 or a '74 FXE I'd starve for a month to get one, those welds are high art, cheers mate.

Hairy Larry said...

Had to check out your exhaust collector again, you sure that isn't something NASA commissioned for Curiousity...?