Monday, 20 August 2012

Tales From The Southern Ocean

Captain Simon goes AWOL on a smuggled Bultaco Sherpa in the Falkland Islands. Read about his adventures in SB#11. BP


Mick P said...

One of my favourite ever Sideburn stories. And in a series of mags packed with great stories, that's saying something. A very atmospheric bit of writing.

capnsimo said...

Dear SB, I feel very privileged to be permitted to grace the pages of mighty toom, its a bit of a flashback moment as its weirdly easy to forget about such trips, like in a former life, like did it really happen, then you see it and remember it all, thinking how odd! I really was there as a kid and did some stuff, just as others do stuff, but as we age it's easy to forget until thanks and I hope its not too boring for all the rock and rollers out there...pip pip si