Thursday, 23 August 2012

No faking

Way-off topic, but I've just seen this advert and love it. Bottle that joy and make a fortune. G


loveless said...

yep, very emotional, i think it's a clever advert and nails what football is all about, just a shame you support dirty leed's and not the mighty ram's, 'we all hate leed's and leed's and leed's and leed's, we all fucking hate leed's......' big-up's to all the real football supporter's, the people who follow the unfashionable team's, people who support their team no matter what, here's to the fan's, fuck the premiership and their corporate sponsors, you can buy a shirt and pretend you are a fan but the real fan's know where it's at, heres to the rochdales, the plymouths, the barnsleys the derby's and the little club's like leed's and forest......

ElSolitarioMC said...


Hot Shoe said...

Great advert but sadly the big clubs couldn't give a toss about fans going to games (i.e. the cost, kick-off times etc). They do care about fans who watch at home and in clubs and pubs because that's where they money is. I rarely watch the Premiership but hey we've still got the Football League and even better Non League football where i (hopefully) i work my magic in the dugout in the Ryman League (would have been Conference but we got relegated last season!).

Kirk said...

Brilliant, and in a similar vein although with more serious music:
shot by top notch Aussie surf film guy Jon Frank and music from the Australian Chamber Orchestra 2. I like the Stones better personally, but I'm a heathen.

Sideburn Magazine said...

Dear Loveless
Leeds are beyond fashion. They transcend the concept of league placings. They are more like an element, a part of a cosmos. Players, managers and league positions come and go, but, at least until the world stops going round, Leeds will be something different.

And, for this year, having seen them once and I'm going to see them at Peterborough tomorrow, I predict they'll be dirtier than ever.

Here we go with Leeds United,
We're gonna give the boys a hand,
Stand up and sing for Leeds United,
They are the greatest in the land