Saturday, 6 December 2008

Blunt Object

In between the classic framers and the increasingly dominant crosser derivatives, there's a band apart converting modern road bikes for racing. Within that group, BMW is hardly a name you immediately associate with flat tracking, but the F800 has a growing fan base. Dale Lineaweaver's take, ridden by Bryan Hazel had a promising first season. Love it's brutal look and that blunderbus 'silencer'.
photos Jim Grant.


Stuka said...

It used to be about fashion,now it's just a feckin motorcycle show! heehee!

#39 said...

Can't wait to see more competition for HD. Ron Wood created a beautiful framer around the F800

Sideburn Magazine said...
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Griff said...

Long wait for competition for HD I'm afraid,with all the rule changes and retrictions next year,most of the new breed of "Big Twins"will either be outlawed or uncompetitive.Rules Suck!