Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Aldana in the UK

We mentioned it a while ago, but the details are now all sorted. Racing legend David Aldana is coming to England for three days.

Day 1.
Thursday 5 May
Sideburn night at Kidlington Social Club, Oxford OX5 1AT.
David will be telling some of his best stories from a life winning (and crashing out of) the world's biggest races. There are only 100 or so tickets available for this. Guarantee yours by buying from our webshop
More details on the evening on the red poster.

Day 2.
Friday 6 May
Aldana competes in UK Short Track at Oxford
David will be lining up on a Suzuki 450 framer to take on the best of Europe's short track racers under the floodlights at Oxford Speedway Stadium. This is a full UK GNC round with support classes including the Thunderbikes. More details on the blue poster.

Day 3. Aldana has left the country.

This is an exclusive trip organised by Short Track UK and supported by Sideburn, Co-Built and the series sponsors. It follows two visits from Chris Carr. If people support these events we can keep making them happen. We have a wish list of riders we want to work through.
Download the posters (beautiful artwork by Adi at 99Seconds), email them around, put them on your blogs, spread the word.

Want to know why you really should be there? Read the AMA Hall of Fame David Aldana page.

UPDATE: the original posters had the wrong dates (my fault). These are right. G
UPDATE 2: Every order gets two Aldana stickers not currently available any other way.
UPDATE 3: David has emailed to say he's bringing a load of stuff to auction off. He says: "i'm bringing bsa team photos, Trans atlantic 1970's 80's jackets, bmw battle of legends shirt, old style aldana tees
tri -bsa national winners posters, pilot leathers tees and stickers, racing leather siut and helmets, kaw team shirt with eddie lawson, factory team honda jacket, Trans atlantic team photos..."


Austin said...

how about getting those posters screened on nice paper and flogging them? would look great on the wall of my flat!

Sideburn Magazine said...

Hi Austin, we're already on it. Very limited numbers, signed and numbered by David himself. They'll be on sale on the night. G

Anonymous said...

dont wanna be a pedant gary, but anit it the 5th & 6th?.
posters say 4th & 5th!.

Sideburn Magazine said...

Oh balls. About five people checked these and all missed it. Correct ones coming soon. G

Sideburn Magazine said...

Poster are correct now. Thanks Eagle Eyes. (Hey, Stevie does look a bit like an Action Man). G

Anonymous said...

depends on how bad your eyesight is G!!.
probly the same iq thou...

Dusty said...

Great, they'll be on sale at the event. What if you're stuck in sodding Portland Oregon?

Austin said...

or if like me you're in the US at the one time he's in the UK!