Thursday, 24 March 2011

Guy Martin

Our friends at Red Torpedo are hosting a night with Guy Martin at Hein Gericke store in Glasgow tonight (Red Torpedo undies are on sale too, as tested at 200mph by Guy, John McGuinness, Leon Haslam and others).
Guy was spotted by Paul Bryant at a recent test at Cartagena spain reading Sideburn 7 (above). 'It has to be the benchmark for cool,' the TT hero and baked bean abuser reckons. GI


KrookStreetRacing said...

What a likeable guy!

I love his show "the boat that Guy built". That he didn't edit out the bit about "cotton from sheep" says a lot about him – and had me in stitches:-)

Pete Stansfield said...

Needs more salt

Red Torpedo said...