Thursday, 31 March 2011


When I was a kid, about 14 or so, my sister's boyfriend (who used to turn up on the loudest BSA Starfire I've ever heard) got hold of one of these bikes for me, a Garelli Tiger Cross, for free. It wasn't running, but all there and in decent cosmetic nick. I got as far as shining a torch down the plug hole and seeing a piston with a lunar surface. Trouble was, I knew nothing about sorting bikes out and there was no one with the time or inclination to lend me a hand (oh, boo-hoo). So, it languished in the shed and when, about 18 months later, I was old enough to have a 50cc moped on the road, instead of this exotic acne-magnet, I got one of my dad's cast-offs, the humiliating NVT Eazy Rider. I only had myself to blame (and, pathetically, continue to do so). MP
Thanks to Vintage Bike for the pic, though I've seen it all over the place.


Battle said...

This was the first bike i ever owned, White with a red frame, My old man bought it for me and my brother, Ended up having to fit a Suzuki engine as the Garelli one was shot, I still bare a scar from the exhaust... the peg fell off and i dumped it right on top of my leg, This picture evokes nothing but good memories.

Cheers dude

mp said...

At least You can say Your first roadbike was a Norton. (or Villiers or Triumph) Right?

Battle said...

Still havn't got my first roadbike... Although I'm working on it... CB750 or HD Shovel if my cash will stretch

Ps Corpses From Hell rules!

Team Benzina said...
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Team Benzina said...

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