Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Guy Martin's Barge

Tonight on UK telly 7:30 BBC1
Speed Demon Guy Martin starts a six-week mission to renovate a neglected narrowboat, named Reckless, with inventions from the Industrial Revolution. In this episode, he builds his own 18th-century blast furnace to cast an iron pot so he can boil some water, then learns how to throw his own traditional Wedgwood mugs so he can enjoy a perfect old-school cup of tea.


Captain Highside said...

In a world awash with cheap tea leaves this man stands tall with a proper mug of brew in his hand.
Team Skooterfarm not only salutes you but actually ran over you in turn one at Mildenhall!
A Legend.

grant said...

that were good that program boy

Emma said...

I don't have a I hope this is available on t'iPlayer later!

dave skooter farm said...

Yes it's true!! I ran over Guy !! Even though he was the one lying on the floor I somehow managed to come worst off by performing a "Flying W" over the recumbant Mr. Martin and then catapulting myself into the rapidly approaching fence......ouch!

Alison Cross said...

I wish they didn't keep calling each other Chief every twenty seconds though, it gets a bit tedious!

Ali x

Leslie said...

Where is the boat now please?