Monday, 21 March 2011

Dumped XS650

This photo of an outlaw clown is tattooed on my brain. Why is the ridiculous so attractive? Back at my Mum's again this weekend I ritually wheeled out my rusty XS to poke it with a stick and scrape off the pigeon shit. I dropped the yokes to check the angle of dangle if it were to be fitted with standard length fork tubes. BP


Sideburn Magazine said...

Outlaw clown? Outlaw motherlovin' hero! G

db said...

Lots of good XS action on the Sideblog. Is it the spring?
Mine had it's first airing since autumn at the week end. Started 2nd kick like Mr Redmax said it should. Nice ride but I don't remember the brakes being so crap.

t said...

I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush

Sideburn Magazine said...

crap brakes, & dickie clutch as standard (mine used to drag & slip.
I've had mine for 21 years. It's taken me to happy places & very very dark places - I've used every single curse word not in the dictionary to insult Torakusu Yamaha. But I still cant part with it. It IS destined to a new life (as I mention in pub conversation about once a year). BP

stevie coles said...

i went to very happy, and sad places in my youth.
but it was LSD that took me there!!.

Nick said...

Love the colour, in fact a great looking cycle, get them forks shortened and get out on it