Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Skooter Farm BMX

Sideburn's paramilitary wing is Skooter Farm Racing. If, in turn, Skooter Farm had a cycling division the de facto leader would be Skooter Farm Dave's nephew Jacob Roberts. Except Jake is sponsored by Redline and wins races, so he wouldn't really fit in. Jake was flown out to Denmark to ride a Supercross track where the 15-year-old was expected to jump a 40ft gap. It went wrong. Skooter Farm Dave, a former sponsored BMX racer from the 1980s himself, said he wouldn't even ride down the start ramp.
This is just a quick get well soon message and to tell Jake if he carries on like this he'll definitely fit into the Skooter Farm team. G
PS Skooter Farm has other BMX Connections.


Nick said...

Is that air! or what. Good luck to Jake, get well

Captain Highside said...

Jacob IS Mr Smooth, if he turns his hand to flattrack we all may as well pack up and watch the show!

dave skooter farm said...

Update: Jake is back in the UK and saw a specialist today. Basically, his right collarbone is splintered into 4 pieces and he is going down for surgery in the morning to have it screwed and plated.
Jake is on the British Cycling Talent Team to represent his country in the 2016 Olympics....so it's really important he has minimum downtime....maybe a trip to the laser guy in Ipswich?

Austin said...

Dave, I broke my collarbone into three pieces sand racing. They never pinned or plated it but I went to see the laser guy in Ipswich and he worked wonders so well worth getting Jake over to see him.

Sideburn Magazine said...

How about a trip to LAZER TITS? They will probably be able to sort Jake out in one 'ker-blam'. Apparently they can do it via email too. BP