Saturday, 19 March 2011

Full lock or Death

Jamie got in touch a while to say Sideburn's spirit had infected him and he was going to race short track. This is the first step...

Hey Gary,
You asked me to send pictures of the DT175 when I finished it so here goes!
I've done the whole thing on a non-existant budget (about £350 so far), and built it as a practice bike to learn how to slide until I can get something built that I can race on. When I started working on it every time I fixed something, another thing broke, so I ended up naming it 'The Bastard'.. I also painted 'Full Lock or Death' on the tank to remind me to grow some balls when I ride and just got for it!
I'll be at Rye House on Sunday crash testing it. Think I might have just bought a 1987 XR600 for my race project too. Until I think of a better name for it I'll call it 'The Bastard II'..
Hopefully see you Sunday if you're around.
Cheers, Jamie

Jamie, is that a front brake cable?


jamie said...

Cheers Gary! Not sure it counts as a brake, it's about as good as rubbing cheese on the rims.. The cable will be gone by tomorrow anyway, just couldn't take the abuse! ;)

Anonymous said...

lovely tank job!.
xr's can make good flattrackers.
go 4 it!!.

jamie said...

Engine ate itself on the first lap! What a bastard..

User.One said...

shit, that's not what I wanted to read

Anthony Brown said...

Yeah but it didnt stop you having a great day eh?

jamie said...

Had an awesome day, but on everyone else's bikes! I was lent bikes, given riding tips and advice, lent tools.. Made what could have been a crap day the best bike day of the year so far!
Don't worry about The Bastard, it's only the beginning. I have a spare 175 engine that's going to get bored and ported and a trick carb. It will be back.. ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice one J, can't stop thinking about how good that'd be with a numberplate on for rippin through traffic to uni.

jamie said...

Cheers Josh, yeah got to be done! A daytime MOT's on the list fo things to do when I get it running again.. ;)