Tuesday, 1 March 2011

David Aldana in the UK

It's (nearly) all sorted David Aldana is coming to the UK. The flights are booked.
Sideburn is organising a night with the legend in Oxford on Thursday May 5th. Those who went to the Chris Carr Night will know it'll be a good one. The next night, Friday May 6, Aldana will race a C&J Suzuki 450 framer at the Oxford round of the UK Grand National Championship.
It's going to be great. More details very soon. G


YZ400BEN said...

Yeah well...Dave's all that, but when is 747 Travis Newbold coming????

Father Ted said...

Holy Moly batman, how'd you pull that one off

Anthony Brown said...

Well Ben!!

I can announce that 747 will also be in the UK and in fact oxford in Mid July!

YZ400BEN said...

Howzit go? Er...Braap Braaaap Braaaap!!! Etc.
When're those gaffer tape Co-Built stickers going to be ready Ant?

Anonymous said...

hey anthony are you opening ur backyard 4 camping on this weekend!!.
could be a shorttrack festival!!.

Anthony Brown said...

Steve your welcome. Ben mail me your address and they are yours