Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Win A Food Mixer

- worth over £12. Or a pair of binoculars.
Under the lino of his kitchen that he is re-doing, a friend of mine found a yellowed 1975 newspaper. Alongside an advert for a great deal on MFI fitted kitchens was this spot-the-ball competition. Rather than the usual George Best bicycle kick - with erased ball, it's the Rollerball oval minus the deadly steelball - Read, if you havent already, the wonderfully high-brow deconstuction of the cult classic by Alex Cox in Sideburn #3. BP

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Diplomate said...

firstly - I think it is outrageous and irresponsible to suggest that a 10-13lb turkey will feed 13-15 people. A sure-fire recipe for dissapointment. Secondly ( and more importantly ) it is definitely not always a good idea to "choose a bird that is plump" - ocasionally maybe, but not always.