Thursday, 10 March 2011

Mixed-Race Marriage

Ingenuity is magic. And f you can marry a petrol tank from one of the most ridiculed bikes; the Honda Superdream, to one of the most kool, the H-D Shovelhead, then you are a sorcerer. This wonderfully perverse marriage was arranged by Kustom Garage in Pesaro, Italy.They also did the amazingly sparkly paint job on latest Zaeta we had on the Sideburn stand at Verona, so their H-D Nuovo-Progetto Racer will most likely be getting a luscious paint job too. Shame really, I've got a thing about up-market bikes with original badge shitter tanks. BP


kustom-garage said...

t'ha vist cmuturin!!!!!!!quest en dic de no!!!!!

Anonymous said...

thats sum serious metalflake, reminds me of speedway fibreglass jobs from the 80s

special'79 said...

Neat looking tank work, fine job!