Friday, 25 March 2011

New season, new look bikes

This is Paul and his ever-mutating KTM Duke (almost a real life Bikenstein). Looks proper now (though the seat unit's still a bit kicked up, perhaps he likes it like that. Paul is a hero. He seems to be racing a different bike every other weekend. Check out his blog, Speed Therapy. Tim Stevens' CCM has developed again with a new exhaust and alloy tank.
14-year-old Flynn was on a new Suzuki and flying.
Scunthorpe this Sunday. Racing from 11.30/12-ish. Free entry. Clocks go forward, remember. GI


Nick said...

Is that another LDV I spy? said...

Like what he has done to that duke! If I had an older one I would be extremely tempted to do something like that.