Monday, 10 May 2010

13 + 59

Short track, like most things I get involved in, has become a social scene rather than a sport. If I didn't like other people in the pit I wouldn't go. I don't want to sit there, getting in the zone with my iPod pumping out something inspirational, I want to have a laugh and be in good enough shape to drive myself home at the end of the day.
And one of the people I like hanging around with most of all is Steve Red Max. I've known him for years, having featured a couple of his Dukes for Performance Bikes. And since Sideburn and Red Max started up we've met all over the place. Sometimes on the track (above, on a sodden and hideous Peterborough), sometimes on the road (below, on the way to the Goodwood Revival last year on our cafe racers).
We'll be back at Peterborough, this Saturday and Sunday, racing at the BMF. And all that stuff about having a laugh will be forgotten if he beats me. GI
Racing photo: R. Farnsworth

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Right backatcha mate !
(till that flag drops!)