Monday, 17 May 2010


Mrs Totti that is. Ilary Blasi the wife of famous AS Roma and Italy football striker, Francesco Totti (not Roberto as I said, he builds bikes) is on the cover of this month's GQ Italy and inside she's perched on almost as tasty NorVin. Also inside is my regular column and a preview of the TT and an interview with Michael Dunlop I did for them.
Which is all very interesting, but I thought the cover image looked familiar. I asked Michele, the editor, if it was inspired by this shot we posted on the blog (it was the helmet colours and visor) and Michele said 'You're fucking right! That's true. I saw that and I said: we can do it again. She's Totti's wife and a very famous TV anchorwoman in Italy. But the shot was inspired by that, yes...' GI


peterfromhungary said...

Grande Gary

leonard said...

roma's football player and husband of ilary blasi is francesco totti