Monday, 31 May 2010

Amman Report

After a week of barbecue weather in Britain, Friday saw heavy rain. The internationals had already set up camp in the paddock, and the valley sky was looking foreboding for Saturday. The track surface at Amman is unique, and although having been built on a slag heap was not draining enough. Officials had the hard decision of wether to cancel all of Saturdays fixtures as some areas were boggy and they didn't want the surface destroyed for Sunday's racing that was forecast as sunny.
Finally we got an 'OK' and the valiant donned kagols and zip-tied mudguard to their bikes. No stopping the Dutch-Brothers. Even though the whole team had the most trick fresh paint jobs, they weren't afraid to get down and dirty.Sunday was a sun day, glorious even. Everyone was flying (except me who was quietly but happily wetting my knickers at the back of the pack for my first ever race). Some sensational battles, particularly the final won by Marco on the now TM engined Ouroboros. BP

And the street tracker prize winners awarded by the lovely Rach were:
UPDATE: photo Steven Baldock
Grand final:
1st # 6 Marco Belli..................530 Ouroboros Zaeta
2nd # 90 Aidan Collins...........450 HM Plant Honda
3rd # 5 Jacopo Monti..............450 Honda
for the full results see the Short Track UK website


GrowUp said...

Sorry Ben, you came to my first race and I missed yours.
Do you have to wear an orange bib?

Daniel said...

Where are shots of your CCM??

wol said...

got to see the Sat racing but couldnt get there for the Sunday - those guys have balls to race in all that crap - absolutely brilliant night

Sideburn Magazine said...

Bib and nappies JP

stevie coles said...

you did ok ben, thats a helluva circuit to debut on stoke will seem like a billiard table after that one!!

Skylar said...

All nice, that #75 is pretty damn cool.