Saturday, 1 May 2010

Randy's Guzzi

Way back in September 2008, we showed you a tidy V50 Moto Guzzi flat tracker being campaigned in the Vintage class in the States (New England way). Anyway, here, again, in the owner's words (borrowed from the Wildgoose Chase Guzzi forum) is an update from late last year. I've tried to get in touch with Randy for an update but no luck as yet. I'll keep you posted. The bike's had a few changes and looks very tasty. MP

I just wanted to let all you Guzzi folks know... my flat track season is over. I've actually, done well on my 1978 Moto Guzzi V-50 flat tracker. My placings throughout the season, ranged from first, second, third, fourth, fifth and beyond... My standing for the 2009 (NEDT) New England Dirt Track race season-District 1- (having missed about four or five races) is fourth overall, in the Vintage bike class... that's 1980 and older.

This bike RIPS!!!... Well... Ripped. At the last race of the season, I was on the line... taching it up... waiting for the flag to drop... and the motor shut down with some loud metallic noises. Yup - motor all done! I'll be needing cylinders, pistons, rings, valves, push rods... basically anything inside the motor. The transmission is still good though! I suppose you can only expect so much from a thirty year old street bike. Even though this bike was not intended to be raced, it has done very well.

So... if anybody has an idea of where I could find parts for this racer (at a reasonable price), please let me know. The bike is a V-50, but I believe that V-65 parts will bolt up to it as well. Any support will be much appreciated.

You will be glad to know that this little Guzzi has become a favorite with many of the people at these races. After all, who has ever heard of a Moto Guzzi dirt track racer. The fact that I have been in the top three placings lately, is just icing on the cake! It does my heart good to hear "Moto Guzzi" being talked about positively at the race track.


Nick said...

O WOW, Well done Randy nothing like riding a bike that shouldn't be there and doing well. What ever made you think to ride a Guzzi? but hell it's the bike you had and you made the best of it, keep smiling

Captain Highside said...

Inspiring ride. Come on UK. Let's see a Guzzi in the Thunderbikes, we could do with some more twins.

stevie coles said...

well done that man!!.
what a workout riding that beast must be.
probably lays down its power nicely thou.