Thursday, 27 May 2010

Sport for all

From Jason.

Now I’m no fan of physical exertion, that’s why motorcycles are better than bicycles, right?
Racing flat track requires a level of fitness which I do not currently posses. To rectify this I tried using the wife’s treadmill. BORING. What about fell running? Surely this would add a bit of excitement to exercise? Unfortunately I live in Leicestershire, which is rather flat, utterly hill-less. Undetermined I decided to modify the treadmill by gluing some rocks to the belt with what you might call, mixed results. I should point out that although a level of excitement was achieved, the healing process kind of negates any fitness benefits.
But none of this matters now, I’m so excited about this amazing new product because fitness can be achieved whilst in convalesce. This bloke I know spends most of his time in the pub, but when he’s not drinking, he’s at work, at NASA. We got talking about my need to get fit and that’s when he suggested that I buy this special spaceman food he got from work. It’s expensive, but so is going to a gym.
Already this morning I’ve managed a triathlon and because I wasn’t tired, I followed this lot up with badminton. How fantastic is this?
I reckon within a few weeks I’ll be super fit, I wonder if I could manage a decathlon?


Nick said...

Jason, an inspiration and mad as a box of frogs, long may it continue

Team Benzina said...

Get a bicycle anyway - they're bloody fantastic. Things of beauty, better built than any production motorbike, and just the right amount of tinkering. And when the lady in your life complains you ate all the bickies you can say "but I'm the one who's been out cycling today"