Friday, 28 May 2010

Springfield this weekend

If you can't make it to Amman Valley this weekend you could always settle for the Springfield Mile and TT race. Only joking, it's going to be great. So many class racers, so many manufacturers making the main.
Sammy Halbert sent this update out.

'Jethro, myself and Robbie Pearson are going to attend a Springfield Mile post party meet and greet at Chasers Iron Horse saloon after the Mile on Sunday, so come on out and help us celebrate!'

Well, he's not lacking in confidence is he? Below is an interview with Sammy and Jethro Halbert.
Also, Chris Carr will be selling Sideburn magazines on his stall in the pits.

1 comment:

Sideburn Magazine said...

So mention of eating biscuits then?
- or was that what he meant by his continual reference to "staying in shape, keeping healthy"?
Good Luck Sammy