Monday, 31 May 2010

Jake Johnson wins Springfield Mile

Sideburn 5's cover star, Jake Johnson, won the first Springfield Mile of the year. Bryan's Smith's Kawasaki came in second, Coolbeth third, then Mees followed by Kopp on the Ducati. Sideburn favourites Sammy Halbert and Chris Carr were 7th and 8th.Bonneville Performance's Shawn Baer made the main but DNF'd. GI
Photo: Poppa Wheelie (from Yavapai, not Springfield)


stevie coles said...

any photo's of the kwacker out there?.

BlackCountryBiker said...

Hey Stevie, there's a picture of the Werner Springsteen Kawasaki on my blog plus a link to read more about it.

Craig said...

The fact that Kawi got second is amazing! What a day!

kingkirkanderson said...

..don't forgit my man..
michael toon 22i... 2nd
mile win in the 450 pro.
peace an carrots