Sunday, 9 May 2010

Dave's Australian Postcard

From Dave

Hi,Guys. Just been catching up on the Website. I missed the Opening Round of the Shorttrack Series as I was working-Well Done to G I on his 5th Place in the Thunderbike Final. I had to alter my Shift Pattern to allow me enough time to go to Australia for a weekend. Yes,half way round the World for a 4 Day visit for a Birthday Party. I used to Pit Crew for Australian Speedway Rider, Bob Valentine during his British League Career and to commemorate his 70th Birthday,his Family held a Surprise Party. Bob and his Wife Janet did not know that i was going so I added to the surprise.
The 4 Day stay extended to 15 due to that bloody Icelandic Volcano but i did not waste my Time. I visited Sydney Showground and Newcastle Showground though there was no racing and nothing to show that the Tracks were used for Racing. I went to
Maitland,where the Sport was first run but again,nothing indicating the Historic Importance of the Town.
Having seen the W650 Flat Tracker and the Shop Featured in Sideburn, I paid a visit to the Deus Shop and Cafe.Went there, bought a T-Shirt.
If I can master the technology, a couple of Pics will be attatched showing my visit to Deus and also handing over a Race Jacket featuring the logos of Workington Comets, Sheffield Tigers, Coventry Bees, Birmingham Brummies, Cradley Heathens and the
Australian National Speedway Teams and photo montage which has pictures of Bob during his career.
I'll pick up Sideburn 5 at Peterbog Horror.
Regards,Dave Talbot.

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BlackCountryBiker said...

Bloody Hell... Never thought I'd see old Bluey Valentne staring at me from the pages of Sideblog. Give him my best regards from Cradley and wish him a hapy 70th