Thursday, 13 May 2010


We might as well have been done the pub pissed, but we're actually busy working on SB#6, sending each other layouts to check and proofs to read, when Mick broke concentration...

MP: Wouldn't this make a great t-shirt? Culled from a Polish postage stamp [the silver Polska one, left-middle] that I dug out ages ago, and has been on the SideBlog. Perfect, too, for a bit of stencil guerrilla street art.
GI: Maybe it's a Y-front print. We could call the product 'Skiddy undies'. Hey, come back. I'm serious.
BP: it would be a great tattoo too, sliding out from the back your Y fronts. You'd have a better reason to drop your strides down the pub then too.
MP: Yeah, really good tattoo.
BP: ...But people would be forever saying "what's that skidding out from under your pants?" - "duh! Ivan Mauger on turn three stoopid"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i think a t-shirt would be mega wi that image!!!.
not so sure bout the arse tat thou!