Saturday, 15 May 2010

North West 200

Our man Guy Martin is not going so big today at the North West. In his first race he wound his 600 Honda up to 204mph and third position. But then disappeared - What happened Guy? Watch live NOW via the BBC website (maybe not outside of the UK?). Highlights on BBC TV Sunday night. BP
Are we going to see you back on the dirt this season Guy?


peterfromhungary said...
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peterfromhungary said...

I can watch from hungary

Sideburn Magazine said...

204mph from a 600? Ben, have you got back in the habit of lunchtime drinking? GI

Sideburn Magazine said...

I was only on Ribena at lunch time,
I wasn't the time keeper, and my name is not Maddeybenney. This was a live Steve Parish quote; which Yes did sound ludicrous, but maybe he had a momentary tornado for a tail wind?

peterfromhungary said...

Maybe Guy is a wonderGuy