Monday, 3 May 2010

Bob's Sporty

Thought you guys might enjoy this one off Harley Racer Replica. Highly modified Trackmaster frame, Kimtab Magneisum wheels, custom body work, and tons of handmade bits.
Trying to get it out there to see if someone will recognize it from the past. There was so much work done to this bike that it is
Had one email that said they thought it was in a magazine about 30 years ago from Bonneville and had a Hilborn injection system ran out the side of it?
Prepping a Champion Big Bore Honda XL for the Vegas indoor for 2011.
Enjoy the coverage of the VEGAS auction and races, all of us that live here truly appreciate the coverage.
Bob & LInda Neilson, Las Vegas, NV.

Thanks Bob. Don't know if we'll make it to Vegas next year as much as we'd like to. Thanks for the photos. The bike is wild. GI


By Hand and By Brain said...

I love it!! That thing just looks like pure fun...n hell...and absolute bliss!

Chris said...

those wheels are the business