Sunday, 23 May 2010

CoBuilt The Inner Sanctum

Like not so many before me, I was honored to gain access to Anthony's lair yesterday. But not only that, after a few further secret handshakes, I was introduced to other members of the CoBuilt ring who all have their part to play in completing the jigsaw of trackerizing my CCM. I'd bought Jake Bowie along as technical translator, so that when they started speaking in tongues, he could explain using simple words, and finger paintings.
When the machinist who is making your wheel spindles also makes machine guns for Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen, it's probably better not to argue over the price.To complete the induction, Anthony also recommended that we go introduce ourselves to Cecile as she just so happens to live in the next village to Jake. A retired lady motorhead. When we rolled up unannounced in matching sombreros, she was cleaning her Norton 500T with a toothbrush in the garden and immediately offered us tea. It was the bike she learnt to ride on and had obviously seen action in a few wars.In conversation I mentioned that I was looking for a British peanut tank (ideally a Norton HiRider/SS), whereupon her son dug out a 1967 Sprite trails tank from their Aladdin's cave of side-car oddities. The top-rail tunnel is way to narrow for the square section oil-in-frame of the CCM but the external shape and size is perfect. And so here's to yet more modification. BP

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daws said...

I just noticed, that's a speedway tyre on the back of the Norton.