Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Dan's Indians

From Dan Walsh, on his way back from a few months riding and guiding in the sub-continent.

Heading back from India after a weird, wonderful three months. India dazzles & dismays, appalls & attracts. Spotted your Chai Racer post, thought you may dig these. Mumbai may rock post-modern retro, but Anjuna still easy oozes oily dusty pre-Apoc chic, yet also throws up the odd polished perfect aircooled RD. All good.
Suerte, Dan


Tom said...

Is some sort of follow up of the rambler's ramblings due?

Can anyone explain Mr Walsh's absence on the interwebs?

che.lynch said...


Some sort of follow up? Always bits & pieces, I guess, but write to travel, not travel to write - don't let the tale wag the dog.

I never really had an internet presence. I bob up here, now & then, because the exceptional Sideburn is an exception, but generally I don't enjoy the shrieking, foul-mouthed kindergarten that apparently inevitably follows online anonymity. Too much noise, not enough signal. I'd rather talk face to face.

Suerte, DW